Seamless RV Shipping

RV - Motorhomes and Trailer

Motorhome or Trailer, Motorized or Non-motorized – we move it all. The method of moving an RV from one place to another varies with class and type of each RV. Motorhomes are either hauled or driven away. Trailers on the other hand are hitched and pulled by a tow vehicle. However, each method needs close attention to details that set the basis for choosing the most suitable logistic arrangement for the move.

RV Hauling

We have the most experienced and credible carriers when it comes to hauling motorhomes or self-propelled RVs. Flatbeds are the most suitable for hauling small motorhomes. However, for hefty and lengthy motorhomes, the job of moving them becomes specialized and complex. That’s where you need a service provider who has the knowledge and expertise of selecting the perfect hauling vehicle according to the weight, dimensions and condition of the motorhome. They should have the experience and resources of securing motorhome on the hauling vehicle to deal with any driving or logistical challenges all along the transport distance.

RV Towing

5th Wheel Towing

Towing a 5th wheel is comparatively less intimidating than towing a bumper pull / travel trailer.