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Overland Boat Shipping Methods

Boat Trailer

Trailering a boat is the most common method for overland shipment. Commonly, boats up to 30’ length can be trailered easily but with advancement and introduction of construction perks to trailers, it is now possible to trailer a boat even up to 40’ length.  Also allowable size limit may vary from state to state.

To trailer a boat, you need a tow vehicle capable in terms of tow capacity for a safe and level towing. The key is to choose a tow vehicle with a hitch setup that can keep things within safe tolerance.

Specialized and Complex Trailers

Any boat, ship or yacht that is classified as oversized according to the stated regulations of the transportation authority needs specialized and complex transporting vehicles like lowboy of varied construction and design to suit the requirements of the shipping vessel. The bed of the trailer is needed to set up to position the boat followed by ensuring a careful bracing and strapping of the boat for the transportation.

Bracing and strapping the Boat for the Transport

Securing boat for hauling or towing and getting ready to transport with a peace of mind is crucial. This is possible when you understand how to evenly distribute the weight, correct alignment, proper positioning and securing techniques with rigs and necessary equipment. In addition to a safe and efficient transportation, it could go a long way in ensuring a long life of your boat.

An improperly positioned boat for hauling or towing is likely to cause uneven weight distribution. This in turn will cause an abnormal strain on suspension and tires of the hauling vehicle (on hitch if towing) causing a premature wear and failure. Furthermore, it can cause damage to hull, outboard or other components.

US Shipmate LLC works with the most reliable carrier (licensed, bonded and insured) who have hands-on experience of transporting both small and large vessels absolutely damage-free. They are fully aware of all the pre-requisites like how to center, align, level and secure the boat and always double-check

Factors Affecting the Cos of Shipping

Take a look at the factors that decide and impact the total cost of shipping a boat


The total price of shipping a boat increases as the total standing height and/or beam width of the boat increase.  In most of the states of US, the permissible beam width is between 8’6” – 9’5” with the height that clears 14’ overhead clearance. If a boat is classified as oversized, the shipment cost is likely to rise a long way up.

Route Distance

The total distance of the transport is another deciding factor that goes into the total cost of shipping. Also, if a vessel is too high for 14’ overhead clearance and needs re-routing causing the distance to increase, it will impact the price accordingly.

Time of Year

Prices tend to rise in summer, between June and September, which is a prime boating season.

What to look for in a Boat Shipping Company

The first thing you need to verify about the company you’ve booked your order with is that it is authorized by US Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Authority. Also check out if the company is providing sufficient insurance coverage from pick up to delivery. 

Preparing Boat for Shipment

Always carry out a watchful inspection of your boat before she sets off to her destination. Below are some useful tips to get your boat road ready:

  • Always start off with checking for any pre-existing conditions or damages. Take a picture and document these conditions.
  • Close, lock or latch windows and doors.
  • Try to keep your boat as light as possible. Remove all personal belongings from inside of the boat. Store any breakables in a safe place.
  • Unplug your batteries and power down everything.
  • Drain the fuel down to one quarter of tank.
  • Remove antennae, satellite dishes and radar units.

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